uberAgent and Elastic Stack - Getting Started

IntroductionElastic is a company with various products. In this article, we’ll focus on Elasticsearch and Kibana, or as it’s called together Elastic Stack. We’ll focus on the Elastic Stack with the integration of uberAgent and their use case for a Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktop (CVAD) environment. This article will not explain Elastic in detail (and the good thing, it isn’t necessary to be an expert to use the system).

Walkthrough: Citrix troubleshooting quiz 1

IntroductionI have provided a Citrix hands-on troubleshooting quiz. A new Citrix quiz! https://t.co/7owQ1MaMLX And this time it's a hands-on quiz! You have the chance to practice your #ProcessMonitor #WinDbg #CDF skills. It's not super hard, so it's suitable for beginners too! Always happy to get feedback :-) #Citrix #troubleshooting #debugging — Patrick Matula (@p_matula) June 18, 2023 Today I will show one solution (out of many possible) and how to analyze these logfiles/dumps.

Microsoft Edge not responding after start-up

IntroductionAfter upgrading Microsoft Edge, some users in a Citrix Server 2016 environment had the problem that Microsoft Edge hangs after starting. The behavior can vary (sometimes the whole page is blank). However, because the problem has affected some users, it is worth taking a closer look. First troubleshootingIt was found relatively quickly that a new Edge profile (deleting C:\Users\%username%\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Edge\User Data\Default) solves the problem. Usually, this is not a problem, but the loss of the bookmarks is of course not pleasant.

Introduction to Citrix Natural Reboots

IntroductionIn CVAD version 2103 the new feature NaturalReboot was released. The release notes say: Another restart duration option is available when using PowerShell to create a machine restart schedule. The UseNaturalReboot option restarts all machines after draining all sessions. When the restart time is reached, machines are put into the drain state and are restarted when all sessions are logged off. See Restart after drain. So the idea behind this is to reboot without actively logging off the users (as it would be otherwise) but to wait until the server has no more user connections.

OneNote File Printout not working

The problemI experienced the issue of not able to use OneNote File Printout after applying Windows Updates. In my case I experienced the issue with Windows Server 2016 in a Citrix (PVS) environment. We talk about that button: The error says: “Windows cannot print due to a problem with the current printer setup” and looked like that (if you try to print out a word file): Let’s start the journeyWe know that after applying Windows Updates the functionality broke.

Unable to connect to the server (Socket Error 10051)

The problemI have set up a Windows Server 2022 with Citrix VDA 2206. Everything is pretty normal, I checked the registration status in Citrix Studio. Seems good. Now a quick connection test. After a few seconds I get this: After close this dialog error box, I get the next error message: Client error 0All we have are two error message boxes, let’s check the second error message first. The error message is Unknown client error 0.

PVS Failover graceful - a network view

The setupOur environment has the following servers: Citrix Provisioning Server (version 2206): ctxpvs1 ( ctxpvs2 ( Target-Device: ctxvda1master ( Failover processWe want to look at the failover process from one target device from one PVS server to the other. To simulate the failover we will stop the Citrix PVS Stream Service via services.msc. RequirementsAs general information: PVS HA - docs.citrix.com. For a successful failover, the following is necessary: The vDisk must be exactly the same on the PVS servers (different timestamps are already problematic).

What is Citrix Diagnostic Facility (CDF)?

IntroductionIf you work as Citrix Sysadmin and open a Citrix case you have a good chance that the Citrix support engineer tells you: “Please run CDFControl, check all modules and reproduce the issue while recording a trace”. But what is it? We approach the topic first by looking at the tools from Citrix. Tools CDFAnalyzer (deprecated)CDFAnalyzer is a deprecated tool used to analyze ETL files. If you search, you’ll still find the binaries but there is no real value to having them.

Automatic capturing of memory dumps when applications crash in non-persistent environments

Applications crash. Sometimes (especially when it happens more frequently than usual) you want to have these memory dumps. Either to analyze them yourself or to send them to the responsible company. In my mind, I think of a Citrix PVS environment with many terminal servers, clients, VDAs (call it what you want). But the described way is potentially applicable in other scenarios as well. Basically, it consists of these four steps:

Explorer.exe hang analysis (credential prompt)

The problemI was working on my notebook with some windows open and just tried to multitask several things at once. I usually end up opening things and if it takes me too long (>2 seconds) I then do something else (to waste no time). Sometimes I forget things or must look through untitled notepads to be reminded again. But at some point, I wanted to do something in an explorer.

PVS target device getting unresponsive (full cache)

The setupI experienced the issue of unresponsive terminal servers. I want to show you my way of troubleshooting that issue. A few facts about the environment: Terminal servers are Windows Server 2016 Citrix (Delivery Controller, VDA, PVS) in version 1912CU1 PVS caching mode: Cache on device RAM with overflow on hard disk 10 out of 800 VDAs were affected daily The problemLet me describe the problem in more detail. The VDAs rebooting daily and after rebooting everything is fine.